UV Odour Control Systems

A.I Trioxygen
Featuring the A.I Trioxygen, Actualised Industries’ top-of-the-line odour control system that efficiently gets rid of unpleasant, unwanted smells. Through the use of a potent ultraviolet ray (UVC) germicidal lamp, the A.I Trioxygen eliminates odour-producing bacteria and viruses.

Some of its Primary Benefits include:

Elimination of bacteria and viruses

Control of fungi and mould

Totally chemical and toxin-free

Super Fast installation

Low maintenance and high energy efficiency

Unobtrusive operation

Effective . Powerful . Commercial Odour Control

air Quality Matters

Efficient and tough, Actualised Industries’ Commercial Odour Control Systems Series make use of ultraviolet germicidal and UV ozone generating lamp technologies, of the highest quality.

With a continuous working life of 9,000 to 12,000 hours, our high-output UVC and UV lamps are guaranteed to last longer than usual.

Below are Key Features of our UVC Series:

Attractive sleek black design.

Guaranteed Results.

Multiple levels of advanced functionality.

Remote control options available.

Industry leading product life expectancy.

12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Air Sanitation Process

How Does it Work?

Airborne dust particles are filtered continuously through active carbon filters. These draw out any unwanted odours from the area.
Once the odour is filtered through to the UVC germicidal light chamber, the odour control process starts. The odour-causing pathogens come into contact with the UVC germicidal light wave. This process alters their DNA and irradiates them, ultimately destroying them.
The UV light waves produce ozone (O3), which is then distributed through a high flow air distribution system to the area being treated.

Potent Natural Oxidation

The oxidation process that leads to the destruction of airborne viruses and bacteria is modelled after nature. We mimic nature, with our technology, by mobilising ozone, which is known to eliminate undesirable odours. 

With oxidation comes destruction for both viruses and bacteria. Odour is then neutralised and the odour particles are replaced with O2 or oxygen.
We work hard to improve air quality for your business, because we care.
All of our air sanitation products pass through stringent quality tests to ensure they deliver the best air quality in the places where they are installed.
Best of all, our products are customisable to suit your space requirements, whether it’s a wet food section, grease trap room, etc. You can expect our products to perform optimally to support your business needs.

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