Fragrance / Scenting Systems

Clean Air by Actualised Industries

Featuring A.I. Scent diffusers and mobile interchangeable scent technology systems solving common, day-to-day air-related issues in your establishment.

Fresh Clean Air in Your Place of Business

There’s nothing like unpleasant odours to turn people off from entering your building or business.
This can actually result in lost revenue – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the A.I Fragrance and Deodorising System, you and everyone else using your building don’t have to put up with unhygienic, unpleasant or downright bad smells.

A.I Scenting is a cost effective way to keep your place smelling fresh and clean 24/7. You even have the option to connect it directly to your air conditioning system or fresh air supply in common areas using a fragrance of your choosing.

The Power of Scent

The sense of smell has long been underrated, when in fact a specific scent or smell has the power to evoke or elicit memories, feelings and responses.

Some scents can uplift or inspire, so we feel less stressed and more motivated – something that companies should take note of.
By harnessing the power of scent, you can inspire your staff to become more productive and impress your professionalism on clients.
Make the every customer’s experience a pleasant and memorable one with the power of scent.
Maximise the Benefits of A.I Scent for Your Business
Our professional scenting solutions are perfect for high-traffic establishments like hotels, learning centres, fitness facilities and spas, healthcare facilities, bars, restaurants and the like.

With our A.I Scent diffusers for mobile interchangeable scent technology systems you get fresh, clean air everywhere you go. Simply connect the system to your air supply or air conditioning system to start providing your facilities with a fresh clean scent.

a.I-Scent – Fresh Air Wherever You Go

Our A.I Scent Mobile Unit is suitable for smaller spaces such as hotel rooms, rest rooms, locker rooms and garbage rooms. It also comes in a range of wonderful scents.