Flylight units

Effective Insect Control with our LED Flylight Solution

Flies and other insects have no place in a healthy environment, as they are natural carriers of harmful microorganisms.

With Actualised Industries you gain a modern and aesthetically pleasing alternative which allows you to rid your place of those pesky flying insects and the harm they bring.

This stylishly slim, easy-to-install-and-access piece of equipment features a front guard made of brushed aluminium with magnetic closures.

At the bottom of the unit lay glueboard slides. These sit directly in front of the UV LEDs, thereby ensuring accessibility.

The UV LED strips behind the glueboard are uniquely positioned to enhance the insect capture rate, and have an effective UV output lifespan of 3 years, greatly reducing servicing time.

The Advanced A.I system features glueboard runners that provide rigidity to the glueboard, preventing it from bowing and maximise the efficacy of the product.

Game-Changing UV LED Technology

The effectiveness of the A.I fly-killer technology lies in its superior UV source, bottom-loading glueboard, and ultra-slim design.
In fact, studies have shown that  the A.I fly-killer offers 67% savings on energy costs with comparable catch results to a conventional 45W UV fly killer, making it a desirable eco-friendly solution.

key features

Bottom glueboard access for easy servicing

Low energy consumption

Slim and compact product design

Tool-free access for easy maintenance

Advanced UV LED strips

Ergonomic design

Quality manufacturing guaranteed

European standards-compliant

Actualised Industries
Your Natural Choice for a Safe & Healthy Environment