Frequently Asked Questions

How is ozone used in facilities' Odour Control?

Ozone is created through artificial Ultra Violet Light. As the gas is carried over surfaces, it disinfects and neutralises the environment creating a more pleasant and safer working atmosphere.

Why do we use Scent in facilities?

This practice has been widespread for decades, and thanks to modern technology  we can create beautiful fragrances and distribute them in a perfect manner, regardless of the environment you are in. We can manipulate the scent to travel  where required to create your desired atmosphere.

Why do we have fly board units installed alongside the odour control systems?

Fruit flies are a real pest in a range of facilities. Fly Board units, an add-on option, can address that and immediately enhance the system for superior results, at a nominal monthly charge. 

When can you obtain advice regarding installations, performance and customer service queries?

We are available 7 days a week for any enquiries. Don’t be shy, come say hi.